Episode 44: The Biggest, Richest Child

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⭐️ This Week's Topics

🚧 #CompleteTheCode

This week's #CompleteTheCode:

Why is this SwiftUI code not advisable, and how can you fix it?
// Why is this SwiftUI code not advisable, and how can you fix it?
var body: some View {
    if isLoggedIn {
        Text("You are logged in!")
    } else {
        Text("You must first log in!")

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⚠️ Compiler Error

This week's theme: Git commands!

  1. git whatchanged --since="2 weeks ago" will show a log of commit messages that have been made since 2 weeks ago.
  1. git add -p will allow you to stage hunks of code interactively from the command line.
  1. git worktree add allows you to checkout a specific branch to a separate directory.
  1. git grog generates an ascii-art graphical log showing branch points leading up to the current commit.

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