Episode 60: Basically the Wild West

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⭐️ This Week's Topics

🚧 #CompleteTheCode

This week's #CompleteTheCode:

How can you make sure both load methods run concurrently?
// How can you make sure both load methods run concurrently?
func loadItem(_ id: UUID) async {
    let image = await loadImage(id)
    let metadata = await loadMetadata(id)
    presentItem(id, image: image, metadata: metadata)

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⚠️ Compiler Error

This week's theme: Cryptocurrencies!

  1. One of the first cryptocurrencies, Litecoin was created in 2011 based on Scrypt out of concern that GPU-based mining was too high a barrier to entry.
  2. Zcash, founded by Zooko Wilcox, is the first open, permission less financial system employing zero-knowledge security, and employed a “ceremony” to generate the system’s private key.
  3. Titcoin was created in 2014 as the first cryptocurrency to be nominated for a major adult industry award, and featured greatly improved transaction speeds over Bitcoin.
  4. iCANhaz was an ill-fated cryptocurrency founded by Burger King in 2018 that could be earned by purchasing cheeseburgers, though most ended up lost since wallets containing the coin were printed on wrappers themselves.

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