Episode 47: Did You Know Apple Lives In California?

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⭐️ This Week's Topics

🚧 #CompleteTheCode

This week's #CompleteTheCode:

How would you transform the code below to use the new async/await pattern?
// How would you transform the code below to use the new async/await pattern?

print("Preparing request…")

urlSession.dataTask(with: httpRequest) { data, response, error in
    DispatchQueue.main.async {
        print("Received response: \(response)")

print("Sent request!")

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⚠️ Compiler Error

This week's theme: New Autocompletions in Xcode 13

  1. Our favorite optional binding if let will now autocomplete existing optionals as the left-hand side of the binding as you type it.
  1. For loops will detect if you type the singular form of an existing collection type and autocomplete the entire statement for you.
  1. When calling functions, the editor will prioritize variables with similar names to the argument you are autocompleting to make getting through long argument lists easier.
  1. When dot-chaining members of an expression like view.undoManager.canUndo, the editor will now allow you to skip and will automatically insert undoManager for you if you type view.canUndo.

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