Episode 45: You Are Not Your Code

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⭐️ This Week's Topics

🚧 #CompleteTheCode

This week's #CompleteTheCode:

Why is this SwiftUI code not advisable, and how can you fix it?
// Why is this SwiftUI code not advisable, and how can you fix it?
var body: some View {
    if isLoggedIn {
        Text("You are logged in!")
    } else {
        Text("You must first log in!")

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⚠️ Compiler Error

This week's theme: Apple Antitrust Cases!

  1. In its first antitrust case, Apple Computer was sued in 1997 by publishing houses for not licensing its MacOS system software to run on other compatible hardware at the time.
  1. Apple was sued in 2005 for allegedly operating a music-downloading monopoly through iTunes and the iPod music player, preventing RealNetworks music from playing on iPods.
  1. Just a few months after the original iPhone was released, Apple was sued in a case that lasted until 2019 partly over the fact that the just-released device could not run third-party apps.
  1. After only a year and a half of litigation, Apple was found guilty in a case where there was compelling evidence that they played a central role to eliminate retail competition.

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