Episode 32: I Learned A Lot Today

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⭐️ This Week's Topics

  • New announcements at WWDC!

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This week's theme: WWDC!

  1. Marking the start of the jacket trend that would be used for several years, WWDC10 gave each attendee a black track jacket with the number 10 stitched on the back.
  1. WWDC12 was the last event hosted by Steve Jobs, but did see the introduction of the final generation of AirPort Extremes and Time Capsules, which would no longer be updated.
  1. WWDC13 sold out in a tremendously fast 71 seconds, but some attendees would later say attendance was worth it since it featured Phil Schiller’s "Can't innovate anymore, my ass!" quote.
  1. WWDC16 marked the first departure from holding the Keynote at the Moscone Center in years by hosting it at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium instead.

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